Theocratic Fellowship of Jehovah's Witnesses

A Worldwide Theocratic Association of Brothers and Sisters Proclaiming Jehovah's Kingdom

The publications on this page are not meant to replace the Bible, but rather assist in enhancing your study of God's Word. We encourage everyone to use the Bible as their primary source of truth, as it alone is inspired.




A vivid description of Jehovah's Divine Purpose particularly outlining God's progressive steps against wickedness and showing the final overthrow of the Devil and all of his wicked institutions; the deliverance of the people; and the establishment of the righteous government on earth.
358 pages.

Other books: Divine Plan of the Ages, Harp of God



What does the Bible say about the location of the dead? What is hell? Will loved ones who die in sin, be assigned to eternal damnation? Get the Bible's answer on these questions.
66 pages.

Other booklets: In the Garden, Talking with the Dead, World Distress, A Desirable Government, Hell - What is it?, Restoration, The Last Days, Heaven and Purgatory, Good News, Health and Life, Home and Happiness, Keys of Heaven, The Kingdom - The Hope of the World, Who is God, Beyond the Grave, Theocracy, The Meek Inherit the Earth, Christendom or Christianity, God's Kingdom Rules



Information which will enable every person to realize in fullness the greatest desire and fondest hopes of humankind. Learn about the differences between Jehovah's organization and that of Satan the devil.
391 pages.

The New World

The New World

Does the Bible support the idea of a new, cleansed earth? If so, will it endure forever? Or will God destroy the earth and its inhabitants?
391 pages

The Truth

The Truth Shall Make You Free

What is the truth and how can you find it?
391 pages


Daily Heavenly Manna

A Collection of Scripture Texts with Appropriate Quotations from the Watch Tower for Every Day in the Year
189 pages.

Counsel on Theocratic Organization

Counsel on Theocratic Organization

Counsel on Theocratic Organization should be studied prayerfully and carefully by Jehovah's witnesses worldwide. The counsel submitted is based upon God's Word of truth, the Bible, and was published by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society to aid Jehovah's witnesses in advancing the most important work in the world, the ministry of the Kingdom. As the paragraphs are studied, scriptures cited should be looked up, and their relation to the paragraph discerned. It will be profitable to study this publication in the service meetings from time to time, as well as individually.
65 pages.


The above publications are not copyright and can be downloaded and shared freely in your ministry.
The Theocratic Fellowship does not ask for donations from those associated with it, nor from householders in the door to door or those we meet in our street ministry.

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A Note About Us

Theocratic Jehovah's witnesses sponsor a Theocratic Bible School where individuals can attend a weekly, indepth class to learn more about God's Word the Bible.

We also have a weekly Theocratic Ministry School where those enrolled learn various ways to improve their ministry and how to share the Bible more effectively in the door to door witness work. However, we do not believe that rehearsing what one will say is in accord with the Scriptures. (Matthew 12:11,12) As Jehovah's witnesses, it is our duty to be active in the ministry (Matt. 24:14; 28:19,20) and to have a working knowledge of the Bible and our faith in Jehovah's righteous standards and his promises for the future. (2 Tim. 3:16,17)

While some of the older publications refer to the years 1914, 1925, and 1975, Theocratic Jehovah's witnesses believe these dates are in error, and instead, believe that 1948 is more likely to be a pivotal date in reference to Christ's presence and certain theocratic activities being made known in the earth, but we do not define these dates in reference to the "generation" as once taught by the Watchtower Society. Regardless of this, we are not dogmatic in our beliefs concerning chronology except for historical dates that can not be disputed (for example, 70 C.E.).

We believe in one God Jehovah (Yahweh) and in his son Jesus Christ who died for the sins of all mankind. We do not profess belief in the Trinity, hellfire, or life in heaven. It is our understanding that the dead are unconscious in the grave and await a resurrection. We believe that God will cleanse the earth of sin and all wickedness, and establish his Kingdom on earth, beginning in Jerusalem. We believe in the literal return of the Jewish people to their homeland and that they will gain an accurate knowledge of the Scriptures, and as such they will accept Jesus as their Messiah. The Bible is the standard in which all doctrinal beliefs must derive.

Theocratic Jehovah's witnesses are not under the control of the Governing Body of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, nor affiliated with the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. There are many groups, families, and thousands of individuals that are known as Jehovah's witnesses, busy in the worldwide witnessing work, who are not associated with the Watchtower organization. Some individuals are still active members of their congregations at Kingdom Halls, in such positions as elders or pioneers, while others no longer attend meetings or have never been associated with the organization. The latter usually came to know the truth by reading the Bible with the help of one of the older publications.